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"I can thank my father for my early desire to become a hair stylist. At a very young age, he allowed me to slick back his hair with VO5 and arrange a bunch of barrettes in his hair in an artistic way.

In my own way, I like to step outside the box for unique services and styles that reflect one's individual style. My specialty of creating "abstract color" started way before mainstream, allowing me to become very creative. I look at a client's hair as a canvas and my work is their art.... So we are a team, my client and I.

One of the most important things to me in my career is to have each client feel good both inside and out about themselves. I feel it is vital to connect with a client's ideas to allow us to get the style they desire."


"Hi! My name is Stephanie. I'm a Virgo. Being a Virgo, I seek perfection with my work and try to come as close as possible (though I have trained myself to accept some imperfection so I can sleep at night). My goal is to please my clients. If I have made my clients happy with their hair, then I have done my job.

My Specialties:
• Detail work with cuts and with color that enhances your cut.
• A consultation with every visit. Listen and open to client's style ideas, but offer visual recommendations if desired.
• Staying on top of both women's and men's style trends by following digital media, fashion, Hollywood and sports scenes (soccer) as well as hair shows.
• Assistance with hands-on styling tips so you look good until your next visit.

I fell in love with hair at 12 years old to the point where that I wanted my own hair clippers and taught myself men's haircuts. Those garage and kitchen days lasted from 1998-2005. While looking to find a career that I love, I was blinded by my own hobby - hair - and started a cosmetology program. I have been licensed since 2007.

Time is ever changing, as is your hair. Let's adapt with the now. Enhance your style and find your perfection in your hair movement. So come and start your hair journey with me."


Trish is a professional hair stylist who has been in the beauty industry since July 2011. Trish graduated in the honors program, as well as the Dean's List, from Paul Mitchell The School Sacramento at MTI College. She's had the opportunity to assist with a few of Paul Mitchell's platform artists such as Jay Clemons and Donald Scott. Trish is certified in Beauty and Special Effects Make Up by the VIP-CAT Academy.

Positive, dependable and friendly, Trish listens to clients when they're choosing a style. She's honest and objective in her recommendations. Trish offers a diverse set of hair design skills as she offers a unique perspective on creative color and pixie cuts, while also embracing the opportunity to do updos and bridal work. She guarantees you'll find a look you'll love.

With her studio experience, Trish is also an aspiring make-up artist and uses this specialty to complement her hairstyling work. She has dreams of becoming a platform artist doing high fashion and editorial work.

Feel free to browse around her Facebook site and contact her with any questions! For additional published work, connect to portfoliobox.

Whether you are ready to book a cut or color appointment, or if you are Interested in studio work, contact her at Hair Gone Wild.


"I have always loved transforming hair. I feel I am good at helping to bring out someone's true personality. It is important for people to be happy and feel good about themselves, and I like helping make that happen.

My specialties are color—creative and correcting—and working with curly hair, but I enjoy every unique person who sits in my chair. Complimentary consultations are available, including hair color corrections.

One side extension of my hair skills is applying them to behind-the-scenes hair and wardrobe for theatre. Stage wigs are a fun way to be creative."


"My name is Erika and I was born at Queens Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. My parents separated when I was 5 and we moved to Sacramento, California when I was 7. I was always artistic. I got that creativity from my mom. When I was 12, I graduated from cutting ALL my Barbies' hair to cutting both my cousins' hair to feather back without asking my aunt. She was not too happy, but in my defense, it looked good and she knew it.

I think I always knew what I wanted to do, and when it came time to put together my schedule for my senior year, I gave up all my art classes to take cosmetology through the ROP program at my high school. I never looked back, I went to school, then cosmetology, and then to my job at a photography studio. I was busy 6 days a week and missed out on a lot of "senior" trips and parties, but it was all worth it.

I have been a cosmetologist for 26 years. In this industry, you never stop learning. You can always let your creative side out, and for that, I am so grateful. I married my soulmate and we have been together for 20 years, and married for 15. Life is good!"


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Lisa began her journey to become a nail artist at 16 years old, because she was a secret nailbiter and wanted to be less insecure about her nails. She started as a professional at the age of 17 and hasn't looked back. She felt that if she can make the nails of her clients look great, then she has fulfilled her dream as an artist. Lisa loves the creative part of nail design, which includes allowing clients to express their own personalities when they show off their nails.

Lisa has worked in large, prestigious spas in the Philadelphia area, but feels her station at Hair Gone Wild allows for her clients to get one-on-one communication and personalization that is sometimes lacking in big nail salons.

How do you look at getting your nails done? Maintenance or pampering? If you feel you are not properly dressed unless your nails are done, then Lisa can help you look your best.