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Revolutionary Keratin Treatments

Get the straight hair you have always wanted. Our hair styling techniques can transform the way your hair looks. We offer Japanese hair straightening and keratin treatments that work for a wide variety of hair consistencies. A keratin treatment is a hair straightening procedure using keratin - a tough protein that can be found in hair, nails, and skin - as its primary ingredient. This procedure is also known as a Brazilian blowout.

Flowing Hair

Flexibility to Style Your Hair

Unlike Japanese hair straightening which results in stick-straight locks, a keratin treatment primarily prevents frizz and reduces the wave or curl. You gain the flexibility to make your hair stick-straight with minimal effort. Japanese hair straightening yields permanent results, whereas Brazilian hair straightening only lasts from 2-4 months. The results vary with different products used and hair types treated. With a keratin treatment, the protein keratin formula is infused with an iron into freshly washed hair using intense heat that only impacts the outer layer of the hair. Japanese hair straightening works by changing the inner bond of hair.